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Changing the world one salty smile at a time

Inspiring and empowering girls through surfing, swimming and education

The journey to change the world starts with one girl.

We believe every girl deserves the opportunity to have fun while dreaming big. We also believe that surfing, swimming, and educational workshops are powerful tools of social change.

This is why Sirenitas Surf Club was founded.







What the Sirenitas have to say:

"During these 5 years, the group of the Sirenitas has been an incredible experience. With the programs and workshops I have learned new things such as English, computer, and Tae Kwondo. I have also discovered new places and met incredible people. It has helped me with self-control and it has showed me how to help others in need. It has especially taught me to never give up and if I fall, I get up to continue and fight for my dreams. I am super grateful to the group of the Sirenitas!" – Meghan G., Sirenita since 2017


"Thanks to the Sirenitas, I have met people who love surfing, they have given me the opportunity to get to know places, and make friends that I appreciate very much, and thanks to the support of my instructors who encourage me to keep going and never give up." – Elva U., Sirenita since 2021

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