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What We Do

Changing girls' lives, one wave at a time.


Surf Lessons

We provide a safe space for Nicaraguan

girls to challenge and overcome personal barriers. In each surf session, we aim to teach each Sirenita the skills necessary to be wild, free, and enjoy the magic of being a girl in the ocean.

Swimming Lessons

Many local women and girls have little to no swimming experience. This has caused many girls to fear the ocean rather than respect it. We practice water safety and the necessary swimming skills to fully enjoy every ocean experience; and when the surfing conditions aren't great, we turn to the pool.


Educational Workshops

In order to achieve what we want in life, we first have to envision it. Because of this, we organize monthly workshops that range from life planning and sexual education to body image. Through these workshops, we help the girls plan their life goals and how to reach them. We also sponsor them to learn English, computer skills, and Tae Kwando. Once they have finished high school, we connect them to partner organizations to encourage college education.

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