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In a global and technical world, it is of extreme importance to connect with those around you. By purchasing this product, you are sponsoring a full year of extracurricular education at FunLimón. The Sirenitas get a full scholarship to participate in computer, English and Tae Kwando lessons in Fun Limón, the local community center. Through this scholarship they also have the opportunity to compete in national and internation Tae Kwando tournaments. 

Through the Sirenitas program, each girl has the opportunity of having a holistic development including education, sports and self-love. The perfect combination for a mermaid to thrive!

Educational Scholarship

  • 1) Choose what item you'd like to purchase for the Sirenitas

    2) This item will go directly to the Sirenitas Surf Club

    3) You will receive an email confirming your sponsorship to the Sirenitas

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