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Terrified, mortifies, scared, nervous. All words some of the Sirenitas have shared with us about how they first felt when they first looked at the waves they would be surfing for the first time. In each of our activities, we make sure each Sirenita feels safe and accompanied by one of our instructors. By the end of each session, every one of them comes out with a salty smile reaching from ear to ear. Pride, excitement, joy, and happiness. Words all of the Sirenitas share when the surf lession is done. 


By purchasing this product, you are sponsoring a surf lesson for a Sirenita. We create a safe and playful enviornment for girls to enjoy and connect with the ocean. Help us continue transform fear into fearlessness. 

Surf lesson

  • 1) Choose what item you'd like to purchase for the Sirenitas

    2) This item will go directly to the Sirenitas Surf Club

    3) You will receive an email confirming your sponsorship to the Sirenitas

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