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Along with surfing, education has been crucial in the development of each Sirenita in our 10-month program. By purchasing this product, you are sponsoring a workshop for a Sirenita. Each workshop is designed to provide the tools needed to dream big but ,most importantly, knowing how to achieve them. Through self-exploration and goal setting, each Sirenita navigates through the adventure of getting to know themselves to then dream of who they want to be. Be it archictect, biologist, or nurse (all career choices shared to us by the Sirenitas) we are here to provide the space necesary for them to explore their options, harness their power and face any obstacle in their way. Sirenitas are the future of their own communities. 


  • 1) Choose what item you'd like to purchase for the Sirenitas

    2) This item will go directly to the Sirenitas Surf Club

    3) You will receive an email confirming your sponsorship to the Sirenitas

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